Guide for Customers Migrating to McAfee SECURE PCI

Unlike the Qualys PCI Compliance dashboard, the new McAfee SECURE PCI is closely integrated with our vulnerability scanning service. If you’re new to the service, you can find some helpful tips for getting started below.

Finding and managing your targets

After the migration, your targets can be found in the Scanning & Compliance menu under Targets.



You can see that a checkmark in the PCI column indicates that a target is currently in PCI scope with the PCI service active.


You can add or remove targets by clicking the Manage Services button in the top right corner.



Scan results and false positives

Once your scans are completed, you can review scan results by clicking on a target and then selecting Scan Results in the top navigation bar. Under Vulnerabilities, anything that has a checkmark in the PCI column will cause you to fail your compliance scans.

In that same box, you’ll also see the option to resolve vulnerabilities. This allows you to submit false positives. Simply select vulnerabilities by clicking the checkbox and then hitting the Resolve Checked button.

Once submitted, the vulnerability will no longer appear in scan results. All resolved vulnerabilities are valid for 90 days and will be reviewed for approval with your next attestation report.

Generating reports

To generate a report, simply click on Generate Report in the left navigation bar. Follow the prompts to complete the report.

Drafts, pending, approved or rejected reports will appear in the Compliance Status section also accessed through the left navigation bar.

Downloading old scanning reports

Your 10 most recent reports have been migrated from the old portal. They can be accessed by clicking on your avatar image and then selecting Files in the left navigation bar.



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