How should I address negative reviews?

We understand that negative reviews can be very disappointing, especially when you feel like the criticism is not accurate or a third party may be to blame for the error. Regardless of why the negative review was left, here's some things to keep in mind:

  • Negative reviews can help build trust.
    Yes, this sounds counterintuitive but have you ever looked at a site's reviews and they were all glowing 5-star reviews? Did you think the reviews might be fake? You're not alone. According to one study, 68% of consumers trust reviews when they see a mix of good and bad ones. This means that those negative reviews might actually be helping you build trust.

  • Respond to negative reviews.
    TrustedSite offers the ability to respond to reviews with our Business plan. While this is a premium feature, we think it's very much worth the price. When you respond to your reviews, it shows that even when you make a mistake or have an angry customer, you're able to tactfully and efficiently solve problems and rectify issues. Here are three things to include in a short (no more than 3 sentences) response to a negative review:

    1. Make the customer feel heard by apologizing and sympathizing.
    2. Show that the incident is not the standard experience with your business by telling the customer what the typical experience is.
    3. Get the conversation offline so it doesn't become a drawn out public conversation. Give the customer a name and contact at your company that they can take their complaint to.

  • If it violates our community guidelines, report it. 
    We work hard to ensure that the TrustedSite community remains accessible and safe for everyone, including our business owners. If you believe a review is spam or otherwise violates our content guidelines, please report it


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