How do I turn off TrustedSite Reviews on the trustmark hover window and verification page?

Your site's reviews now display in the McAfee SECURE trustmark hover window and on your verification page. We've added these to help answer questions about your business that help build trust with new visitors.

Displaying reviews can be a big conversion booster and is an important trust building tool. A free version of TrustedSite Reviews is included with your McAfee SECURE certification.

If you'd like to collect reviews before displaying them in these locations, you can opt out while you do so. Click here to learn how to collect more reviews.


  1. From the site overview page simply click Setup Wizard.
  2. Scroll down to the section that says "Collect & Display Reviews".
  3. Click "Disable Reviews in Verification."

You're all set!

If you've never accessed your TrustedSite Reviews account, in your McAfee SECURE account, click TrustedSite Reviews in the left hand navigation menu. Then click "Get Reviews". You'll be taken to your TrustedSite account. Your credentials will be the same as your McAfee SECURE account.

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