How do I collect more reviews?

Automatically request reviews from customers:

Quickly and automatically collect reviews from you customers after they've made a purchase. Remember that customer reviews are a crucial component of building trust, and, in fact, some research suggests that reviews can lead to an 18% boost in sales. Here's how.

Send manual review requests to previous customers:

You don't have to wait for purchases to get reviews. We make it simple and easy to invite past customers to leave a review. All you need to do is enter their email addresses and fire away. Here's how.

Share your reviews page on social media:

Get more reviews by asking your social media followers to rate your site.

  1. Navigate to your TrustedSite Dashboard.
  2. Click Social in the left hand navigation menu.
  3. Copy the link or click the Facebook or Twitter share buttons.
  4. Ask your followers to review your site in the post.
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