Free McAfee SECURE Certification vs. McAfee SECURE Certification Pro

What is the free McAfee SECURE certification?

The free version of the McAfee SECURE certification is a service we now offer to all website owners. Once your site is certified, the McAfee SECURE trustmark will display on your website, which lets your customers know the site they're part of the SECURE web.

With the free service, the first 500 visitors/month will see the trustmark. After your site reaches the 500 visitor limit, the trustmark will not show for the remainder of the month.

How do you define 500 visitors?

We define "visits" as anyone who engages in a session on your site at some point during the month. The session cookie is set for 24 hours. This means that the visitor needs to be idle for more than 24 hours to be counted as a "visitor" for a second time. At the beginning of each month, the visitor count will start back at 0. Each time you login to your McAfee SECURE account, you'll be able to see how many visitors have seen the trustmark so far for that month.

What is McAfee SECURE Certification Pro?

McAfee SECURE Certification Pro is the full version of the service. Our Pro plan includes all of the premium features of the McAfee SECURE service:

    1. Unlimited Visitors: With our Pro plan, an unlimited number of site visitors will see the trustmark. Whether you’re selling a dozen custom-made pieces of jewelry every quarter or thousands of t-shirts a week, every single visitor will see the trustmark.
    2. Identity Protection: Make your visitors more comfortable buying from your site by offering a $100,000 identity protection policy.  
    3. Search Highlighting: Your site will be highlighted as SECURE in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results of over 50 million SiteAdvisor software users.
    4. Customized Trustmarks: As a Pro user, you will be able to customize your trustmark to best fit in with your site. You can customize the size and verification options to fit the needs of your users. Trustmarks can remain visible to all site visitors, or it can remain in a fixed location.
    5. Engagement Trustmark:  Unlike the certification trustmark, the engagement trustmark stays in one spot. So whether that’s by a signup form or in the checkout of your sales flow, visitors will know they’re safe as soon as they look at an engagement area. Watch a video about the Engagement Trustmark here:
    6. Search Engine SubmissionThe sitemap generator creates and submits a sitemap to Google (and other search engines) so that all of your website's content is searchable.
    7. Website Diagnostics: The website diagnostics tool scans your website for broken links, missing images, slow loading pages, and 404 errors. These errors can reduce engagement or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) by making visitors feel like a site is unsafe or unprofessional. 

How do I upgrade from the free service to McAfee SECURE Certification Pro?

Upgrading is easy! When you upgrade, your trustmark code stays exactly the same.

  1. Login to your account at and you'll have to option to upgrade to pro.
  2. Once you select this option, you can make your first payment and set everything up in just a few minutes.
    (Note: you will need to add an additional snippet of code to your site in order to install the Engagement Trustmark and the Identity Protection service.) 



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