Using Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability Scanning allows for multiple targets within an account to be scanned. There are two types of scanning, Network Vulnerability Scanning and Web Application Scanning. 

Navigating to Vulnerability Scanning after you log in. 

To navigate to Vulnerability Scanning, login to your account and click on your site's URL and select Scanning & Compliance from the dropdown next to the McAfee SECURE logo.

If your account only has one subscription for Vulnerability Scanning, then you will see the main Vulnerability Scanning interface when you login in as the default screen. 

Scanning Overview

The overview screen for Vulnerability Scanning will show vulnerabilities by severity in a clickable graph and a table for the most vulnerable targets should you have multiple targets or IP's being scanned. It will also show your PCI compliance summary. 


Use the targets screen to add additional targets or configure the target.

Configuring a Target

By clicking a target and selecting Settings, you can change multiple settings on a target such as a scan frequency, timing of scans, tags for grouping targets with others, and types of scans (Vulnerability and or Web Application).  


Vulnerabilities provides a navigational path to see each vulnerability. You can filter your view by targets, vulnerability categories, and severity.

Vulnerability view provides an overview of the vulnerability, potential recommendation for remediation and the location of the vulnerability along with the code snippet. 

Open Ports 

Use open ports to discover any ports that are being used or open on a target.


Get an overview on the Change Report of differences between scans.  Compare multiple scans to track progress on remediation and discover new threats. 


The discovery feature will help you learn about new targets added around your URLs or IP ranges.   

In Progress

Use In Progress to see the scans that are taking place. You can also cancel a scan from this screen.

Compliance Overview

This is the overview page for your PCI compliance scans.

Generate Report

On this page, you can generate your PCI compliance reports.  



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