How do you hide/unhide vulnerabilities or false positives?

If you've found vulnerabilities that are false-positives or you'd simply like them hidden for your own reasons, it is quick and easy to view and hide any vulnerability.


Hiding Vulnerabilities

1. Click on the hyperlink of the Target for which you'd like to hide a vulnerability

2. Then check the box on the far right for any vulnerabilities you'd like hidden, then click Hide Checked


Unhiding Vulnerabilities

There are two ways to navigate to the target Settings page where you can view previously hidden vulnerabilities:

1. Click the text "14 hidden vulnerabilities" (the number of vulnerabilities will vary for each user) 




2. On the target page (i.e. after clicking into any target), click Settings in the upper right of the page. 



Once on the bottom of the Settings page, you can view all previously hidden vulnerabilities and unhide any by clicking the Unhide button.

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