About the Floating Trustmark

The floating trusmark (also known as the certification trustmark) should be displayed on every page of your website.

This trustmark floats in the corner of your website, constantly reminding visitors that the site they're on is tested and certified to be secure. Because it's always visible, your bounce rate will go down and your engagement will go up - if you show it on every page.

A short while after visitors arrive on your site, the trustmark minimizes to the widely recognized McAfee shield logo. This helps ease security concerns while saving you valuable website real estate. When visitors want to see the full-sized trustmark, all they have to do is hover over it.

And when visitors want to verify your site's security, they click on the trustmark and a verification box appears (see below).

Verification provides more information about a site's security, and gives the most security-concerned visitors proof that your site is safe to do business with, and further increases your conversions.



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