Getting Started with GoDaddy

You can add the McAfee SECURE service to your GoDaddy site with the click of a button—no code needed. Once your site is certified, the trustmark will let visitors know your site is secure—alleviating security concerns and increasing engagement and conversions.

You can be up and running with the trustmark in a matter of minutes.

  • Log in your GoDaddy OLS account
  • Go to Store Design, then click Site and look for 'McAfee SECURE' under Store Footer
  • Turn on the trustmark and fill in the information to activate your account
  • Once your account is activated it will begin displaying the trustmark automatically.*

*Please note: You may experience a 10-15 minute delay before the certification trustmark appears on your site.

Want to know the difference between our free service vs. McAfee SECURE Certification Pro? Click here.

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