I can’t see my trustmark. What are some common ways to resolve this issue?

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with the McAfee SECURE trustmark. Here are some steps you can take to try to address this issue.

  1. Check back a little later. The trustmark can take up to an hour to display once you’ve installed it.
  2. Make sure your site has successfully passed all its security scans. The McAfee SECURE trustmark is an earned certification and won’t display if your site has security issues. You can check the status of your security tests by logging into your account and checking site's Security overview page.
  3. Make sure the code is installed correctly. Instructions on how to obtain your trustmark code can be found here. If you signed up through one of our hosting or platform partners (Shopify, GoDaddy, WordPress, etc.), the trustmark code should be installed automatically.
  4. Use a different browser or clear your browser’s cache.

If the trustmark is still not displaying, please click here to contact our customer support team.


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