How do I fix a missing image?

With our diagnostics tool, you can easily identify where your site has missing images so you can fix them quickly to keep your site looking professional. Here are the basic steps to fix a missing image:

  1. Log in to your account at If you have multiple websites, select the desired site upon logging in or from the dropdown menu in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on Diagnostics in the left navigation bar.

  3. Click on Missing Images

  4. The Page column shows the urls of the missing image while the Referer column is the corresponding link to the page that contains the missing image.

  5. Just by looking at the Page column, you may notice outdated links, typos or other errors that might be causing issues.

  6. If you need to investigate further, you can take a look the referer link to see where the missing image is located.

  7. Once you've identified the source of the issue, log into your site’s admin panel.

  8. Find the page with the error.

  9. Update or remove the missing image by editing the code of that page. You may have to upload a new image.
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