How do I add Identity Protection to my site?

For instructions on how to start offering the Identity Protection service, please see the instructions below. Please note that these instructions may vary if you are using an app through one of our platform partners. Click here for more information.  


  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Make sure you’ve selected Website Certification in the top left dropdown menu.

  3. If you have multiple websites, select the desired site by clicking on the site URL in the left navigation bar.

  4. Select Setup Wizard in the left navigation bar.

  5. Under Confirmation Page Code, you’ll find the code for Identity Protection.
  6. Make sure you select either the Modal or Slide Up in the Identity Protection Opt In section.

  7. If you're adding the code directly to your site, you will need to customize it. The only required field is the Order ID but we recommend adding as much detail as possible to simplify the signup process for your customers. While the exact procedure may vary depending on your site's infrastructure, you can use the two examples below as a general guidance for how to customize the code:

    <script src=""
     data-orderid=“<%= current_user.last_order_id %>”
     data-email="<%= %>"
     data-firstname="<%= current_user.first_name %>"
     data-lastname="<%= current_user.last_name %>"

    <script src=""
     data-orderid=“<?php current_user.last_order_id ?>”
     data-email="<?php ?>”
     data-firstname="<?php current_user.first_name ?>”
     data-lastname=“<?php current_user.last_name ?>”

  8. Add the code to your site’s purchase confirmation page. If you’re a platform user (Shopify, BigCommerce, Wordpress, etc), click here for more information.
  9. Finally, you’ll also want to add our ID Protection trustmark. Just look for the Identity Protection Trustmark section in the Setup Wizard to get the code for this trustmark.

  10. Add the code to strategic areas where your customers may have security concerns like credit card forms and product pages.

ID Protection is now active and your customers will see the modal or the slide-up after completing a purchase.

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