How do I add Identity Protection to my site?

For instructions on how to start offering the Identity Protection service, please watch this video or see the instructions below. Please note that these instructions may vary if you are using an app through one of our platform partners. 



  1. Log into your account at

  2. Click on ID Protection in the top navigation bar

  3. Follow the instructions for adding the code. These instructions may vary depending on whether you use an app with one of our platform partners. 

  4. If you're adding the code directly to your site, you will need to customize it. While the exact procedure may vary depending on your site's infrastructure, you can use the two examples below as a general guidance for how to customize the code: 
    <script src=""
      data-orderid=“<%= current_user.last_order_id %>”
      data-email="<%= %>"
      data-firstname="<%= current_user.first_name %>"
      data-lastname="<%= current_user.last_name %>"
    <script src=""
      data-orderid=“<?php current_user.last_order_id ?>”
      data-email="<?php ?>”
      data-firstname="<?php current_user.first_name ?>”
      data-lastname=“<?php current_user.last_name ?>”

  5. Add the code to your site’s purchase confirmation page. If you’re a platform user (Shopify, BigCommerce, Wordpress, etc), click here for more information.

  6. We recommend that you add the ID Protection Trustmark to your site so all your visitors know that you're providing this service to them. Copy the code from the trustmark section.

  7. Add the code to strategic areas where your customers may have security concerns like credit card forms and product pages.

  8. Turn on Identity Protection by sliding the button near the top of the screen to the right. 

ID Protection is now active and your customers will receive emails that they are protected. The email goes out only to customers who are eligible for the service which currently excludes anyone with an address outside of the United States.

Please note that to provide this service, you will be sharing some of you customers’ information with us. We recommend verifying that your terms of service and privacy policy state that you share information with third parties to provide services to your customers.

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