My customers aren't seeing the Identity Protection opt-in. How do I fix this?

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the Identity Protection service. Here are some steps you can take to try to address this issue.

  1. Ensure that the service is fully implemented.
    A separate line of code is required on your purchase confirmation page even if you already have the McAfee SECURE certification installed. On some sites, this code may require some degree of personalization. Check out this page for more information on how to set up the service.

  2. Make sure you've selected your preferred display option.
    You need to either choose our modal or the slide-up (bottom) for the service to be visible to your customers.

  3. The service is currently US only
    While any website can implement our Identity Protection service, currently only purchases of US-based end-consumers are covered. We're working on bringing the service to shoppers from other countries soon.

  4. Contact our support team
    If you are unable to resolve the issue, please click here to contact our support team.


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