How do I add ID Protection to my WordPress site?

Give your customers free identity theft protection. It's included in your Pro subscription and is completely free for your customers.

What you get

  • $100,000 of identity theft insurance and restoration services for your customers
  • Market Identity Protection on your site to increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Send post-purchase emails to customers to remind them of value and boost repeat business

How It Works

  1. A customer buys from your site.
  2. We send a post-purchase email on your behalf letting your customers know that you've given them free Identity Protection which lets them know how much you value them.
  3. If they haven't activated, we'll remind them that all they are eligible for this free service because they made a purchase from your site.

Getting Started

1. Log into your account at Click on ID Protection in the top navigation bar.

2. Add the code

Start by adding this snippet of code to your site's purchase confirmation page. To send your customers the coverage emails, we need you to identify the highlighted parts of the code. See this page for more information.  

(ATTN WooCommerce Users: Disregard this step as this code is automatically added on WooCommerce sites.)

<script src="" class="mcafeesecure-track-conversion" data-type="purchase" data-orderid="1234" data-email="" data-firstname="John" data-lastname="Doe" data-country="US" ></script>


3. Enable the service

Click the enable button at the top right of the ID Protection screen in your account and you're set!

4. We recommend that you add the ID Protection Trustmark to your site so all your visitors know that you're providing this service to them.

Add this code snippet anywhere you want to increase conversions, like credit card forms or product pages. It will display a trustmark that lets customers know their identity is in good hands.

<script src=""></script>
Alternatively, you can use the following short code to add the trustmark:

The trustmark will look like this. It always displays at 320px wide by 40x tall.

ID Protection is now active and your customers will receive emails that they are protected. The email goes out only to customers who are eligible for the service which currently excludes anyone with an address outside of the United States.

Please note that to provide this service, you will be sharing some of you customers’ information with us. We recommend verifying that your terms of service and privacy policy state that you share information with third parties to provide services to your customers.


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