How do I add ID Protection to my WordPress site?

Give your customers free identity theft protection. It's included in your Pro subscription and is completely free for your customers.

What you get

  • $100,000 of identity theft insurance and restoration services for your customers
  • Market Identity Protection on your site to increase sales and customer loyalty

How It Works

  1. After completing a purchase, a customer will see an opt-in box to sign up for the Identity Protections service. 
  2. If a customer opts in, they will receive an email confirming their coverage. During the 90-day coverage period, they will receive reminders about the coverage's expiration date. 

1. Log into your account at Click on ID Protection in the top navigation bar.

2. Select your preferred display method

We offer two options for displaying the service to your customers. Choose your preferred method. You can change this at any time. 

3. Add the code

Start by adding this snippet of code to your site's purchase confirmation page. You'll need to identify the highlighted parts of the code. Please make sure you at least fill out Order ID to ensure the service works properly. See this page for more information.  

(ATTN WooCommerce Users: Disregard this step as this code is automatically added on WooCommerce sites.)

<script src="" class="mcafeesecure-track-conversion" data-type="purchase" data-orderid="1234" data-email="" data-firstname="John" data-lastname="Doe" data-country="US" ></script>


4. We recommend that you add the ID Protection Trustmark to your site so all your visitors know that you're providing this service to them.

Add this code snippet anywhere you want to increase conversions, like credit card forms or product pages. It will display a trustmark that lets customers know their identity is in good hands.

<script src=""></script>
Alternatively, you can use the following short code to add the trustmark:

The trustmark will look like this. It always displays at 320px wide by 40x tall.

ID Protection is now active. Please note that we offer additional options for implementing the service that you can find at the bottom of the Identity Protection page in your account. 

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