Where should I place the Identity Protection trustmark?

The Identity Protection trustmark is a new feature available only to sites that offer the Identity Protection service. You should use this trustmark in places where people are likely to worry about identity theft. If you have the code properly set up, customers will see a modal pop up when they click the trustmark.

  1. Product page
    A customer who looks at a product in your store is likely interested in making a purchase. However, if there are any concerns about your site's security, they may choose to look for the product elsewhere. Adding the trustmark here shows your customers that you care about their security. 

  2. Checkout page
    When asked to enter their name, address, and credit card number, the thought of identity theft goes from a remote possibility to a tangible threat. This is where you'll want to reassure your customers that not only are they on a safe site but they are also covered in the worst case scenario.

These are just two recommended locations where you may want to place the trustmark. Depending on your site's design and layout, there many be additional places where you can place the trustmark. Also, make sure to check out the engagement trustmark section to get the most out of your McAfee SECURE service.

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