How do I generate different PCI reports for multiple business units?

With our PCI scanning service, you can easily create separate reports for your business units. Please note that if you're a legacy scanning customer, you may have to switch to our new PCI dashboard to take advantage of this new feature.

  1. Log in to your account at Click on your site's URL and select Scanning & Compliance from the dropdown next to the McAfee SECURE logo.

  2. You will have to tag any target that you want to split into a separate report with the same tag. For example, all targets that need to go into the report for Business Unit 1 should be tagged with "unit1."
  3. To add tags, click on Targets.

  4. Check all targets that belong in the same business unit. Click on the dropdown menu at the bottom of the scanning page and select Bulk Change.

  5. Add the corresponding tag (e.g "unit1")  in the Add Tag field to add it to all the selected targets.

  6. Once you've tagged all of your targets, click on Attestation Report in the left menu. 

  7. Click on None just above the target list to deselect all targets.

  8. Under Target Tags, select the target that you've created for your first business unit (e.g. "unit1). All the targets with the tag should now be highlighted. If, at this point, you notice discrepancies you can manually add any target from the list to your report. 

  9. Click on continue and follow the prompts on the screen to complete your report.

  10. Repeat steps 3-11 for each additional business unit. Once your targets have been tagged, you won't have to repeat this step in the future.
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