Updates to the McAfee SECURE trustmark - FAQs

We're very excited about the new McAfee SECURE trustmark. We've also taken this opportunity to make major improvements to the mobile experience for your visitors. We've outlined details of what the change means for your site below. Most changes will not take effect until you opt your site in, or until we automatically update all trustmarks on June 1, 2018.

How has the floating trustmark changed?

It uses the new McAfee logo, which McAfee adopted after its shift into an independent cybersecurity firm last year. It's also slightly smaller at 92 pixels by 38 pixels, formerly 100 pixels by 40 pixels. We made it smaller since it will no longer minimize to display only the M-shield, reassuring your visitors with a view of the entire trustmark at all times.

Your visitors will have a more consistent experience on any device with the new click-to-verify modal that will let them verify your site's security while keeping them on your site. On desktop, rather than opening a small window when clicked, your visitors will see a modal. Likewise on mobile, rather than open a new page, it will also open a modal. The click-to-verify modal will display the same information as the former verification hover window, but in simpler more readable format. 

For Pro users, the new floating trustmark can also be offset on either the right or left bottom edges of the browser window by a specified number of pixels.

How has the engagement trustmark changed?

It also uses the new McAfee logo, which McAfee adopted after its shift into an independent cybersecurity firm last year. 

When loaded on a page with the main code(1.js), clicking it will open the click-to-verify modal. This new modal opens for the javascript version of the engagement trustmark only. The HTML versions will continue to open a new page or tab.

How has the Shopper Identity Protection trustmark changed?

Similar to the engagement trustmark, it will feature the new McAfee brand and open the click-to-verify modal when it's on a page with the main code(1.js) installed.  The trustmark will also say "Shopper Identity Protection" replacing "$100k Identity Protection" to help clarify the overarching benefit to your visitors and help distinguish the offering from McAfee's new paid Identity Protection products. 

How do I get these new features?

All trustmarks will automatically update on June 1, 2018. To ensure you have the click-to-verify modal activated, visit your site's Setup Wizard in your account to install the main code if you haven't already. If you're a Pro user, you can offset the floating trustmark in the Setup Wizard.

The changes aren't showing up. Do I need to change my code?

You won't need to change any code, but once you've activated the new trustmark system it can take up to an hour for changes to take effect. Once the new changes are live, additional trustmark changes like offsetting its position should take effect in under 5 minutes.

If you're using trustmark images not served by us (ywxi.net, mcafeesecure.com, scanalert.com) you will need to replace them with the authorized codes found on your site's Setup Wizard. Using the official trustmarks is a requirement of our service for the protection of all end users who rely on the accuracy and up-to-date verification of the security of the website.

How have the Shopper Identity Protection opt-ins changed?

They will reflect the new McAfee brand for all customers (not just those who have opted in) and have some slightly adjusted wording, but they will function the same.

How long until all sites will use the same trustmarks?

Because of changes to trustmark functionality and sizing, we've given certified sites over 30 days to opt into the new changes. We'll switch over all remaining sites on June 1, 2018.

Can I opt out of the new trustmark?

Everyone will be switched on June 1, 2018 to provide a consistent experience for end users who rely on this service every day to make better decisions online.

I have more questions and feedback!

We'd love to answer any additional questions and hear your feedback. We're very excited for these updates, which ensure an improved experience on desktop–and especially mobile–and consistency with McAfee's new brand for your customers.

For more details, read the blog post.

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